Mechabrick gangs of neon city

Mechabrick - Taking your bricks into battle

Mechabrick is a new board-game centered around robots fighting in a futuristic cityscape.

Robot in city


The robots themselves are high-quality plastic kits made to convert your minifigs into 1/144 scale ‘mecha’. With a minifig at its core, each 25 part robot kit can be equipped and converted using your favourite plastic building bricks and, a range of custom weapons and accessories, to prepare it for its next battle.
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The first Mechabrick game, ‘Gangs of Neon City’ is based in a far-eastern metropolis one hundred years from now.
The game includes:

Begin your battles in a city YOU build from building bricks of your choosing.
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The Game, and robot kit products are being brought to market via the crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

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